About Us

About Us

Essexglobalexchange is a binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency broker. Essexglobalexchange is an online financial trading platform, offering its trading services and providing live support 24/7 . We offer the needed opportunity to make right investment and ensure you returns for those investments.

The Big Dream, Our vision

The vision that motivated our founders to journey in this path was to create an enviroment where everyone can understand how lucrative online trading can be having obtained the right tools and guidance. The Company's dream was to make available the lucrative benefits of the financial world without being intimidated by its dynamic and volatile nature. We are looking to build a world were investing is simple and it benefit are long lasting.

We learn

  As such, in other to achieve the understanding needed to ensure the simplicity of the trading process we are building Essexglobalexchange trading academy where we offers training videos and trading guides, articles, ebooks and product tutorials both for beginners and advanced traders, all designed to show you how to navigate the world of online trading. This would be available soon via our social media platforms. We have expect that have been in this business for years and are constantly available on our support line to offer instant lectures on any question or confusions during your trading experience.

We're Building the network

At Essexglobalexchange we believe that to increase your skill as a trader, it is important that you be part of a trading community. It keeps you motivated. Having this in mind, we have created a series of features to enhance your trading experience. We have built our social media platforms to help connect people of like mind relating to trading. We ensure to bring interactive post on them to ensure that people are always talking and commenting in other to grow the community. We have a fan group on major social media exclusive to serious individual. Send us a support mail and we would ensure you access. You grow faster when you move in the right network. We offer you that needed network.


Our experienced and competent specialists will come to your aid any time, day or night. They are real life savers, who are always ready to answer every question and provide one-on-one help in each individual case.

Our Scalable Approach

At Essexglobalexchange we consider our customers to be our major priority. The safety of their investment and the growth of their investment is our responsibility. Traders have live access to our support team anytime anywhere. You can also always request a Call Back from our team, wherever you may be. We’ll be happy to call you back. For further information on how to trade binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency
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Why Choose Us

Safe And Secure

We've spent considerable time on the market - we know what it mean to invest in CrytoCurrency.


Even the 0.0000001 is hard-earned. we understand the struggle. we want your trust hence we are here to help you out

It's not just Us

There are many investors running with us on the same track. we are trying to keep a pace, Come join us and invest

Instant Payout

We hate delays - withdraw your money whenever you wish to. No charge rates. It has always been your real investment

Secure Wallet

Bitcoin is secure but we had to put that "S" in your URL to ensure no one steals your fortune.

Nice Support

You are not alone. We've prepared a standard support system to help you put things in order

The thing that motivates us is very common - we love to invest because we're tired of these mistakes.

  • Being broke for too long
  • Investing hard wrongly
  • Being busy doing nothing
  • Relying on the banks