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1. What is the Essexglobalexchange Platform?

Essexglobalexchange is a binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency broker. Essexglobalexchange is an online financial trading platform, offering its trading services and providing live support 24/7 . We offer the needed opportunity to make right investment and ensure you returns for those investments.

3. If I forget my password, how do I Change/Reset my password?

Yes. You can Change/Reset your password from your account portal.

5. How do I see my Transaction and Trading history?

Login to your "Account", you will find "Trade History" on the left-side menu bar.

7. What are the available Deposit methods?

VISA/Mastercard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATM, Bank Transfer, Perfect Money, Moneygram, PayPal & Western Union.

9. How do I withdraw?

"Withdraw" button navigates you to withdrawal page. Select the payment method by which you deposited. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

11. How long does it take to process the withdrawal? 

Withdrawal is processed in 24 hours and can extend to 10 business days.

13. Can I register without deposit?

Yes. You can register without deposit.

15. I deposited by Card. Can I withdraw by Skrill or some other payment method?

You can withdraw by the same method by which you deposited.

17. Where do I verify my Account?

Go to "Account" > You'll see a form to upload your scanned documents, You can verify your Account by uploading your documents.

19. How long does it take for my account to be verified?

The Account is verified within 24 hours-72 hours.

21. Can I deposit before my Account is Verified?

Yes. You can deposit before the Account is Verified.

2. Can I change my contact details like phone number, address or email id?

Yes. You can change the phone number and address from your Account portal. You can as well send us a support ticket for changes in email id or Name if you are having difficulty doing so from your account portal.

4. Can I register without deposit?

Yes. You dont need to worry about that!. You can register your account without deposit.

6. How much is the minimum Deposit Amount?

The Minimum Deposit is $500

8. How long does it take to update the Deposit in to Trading Account?

Deposit by e-wallets are updated within few hours while Bank Transfer can take upto 5 business days.

10. How much is the minimum withdrawal ?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

12. Is there and fee/charge on withdrawal?

Withdrawal charges may apply.

14. How do i estimate my earnings, returns and rewards?

Your earnings or rewards is totally based on your package / preferred plan. for instance if you register with a "Starter(20% returns)" plan. Your reward will be calculated with an increase of 20%

16. How do I cancel withdrawal request?

Go to "Account"> Withdraw > Then click on the Cancel Withdraw Button.

18. Is it mandatory to verify the Account?

In compliance with Essexglobalexchange Agreement, Based on the way our platform is built - verification of a live trading account is mandatory.

20. What documents are accepted for account verification?

Driver’s license, International passport, and any other government issued Identity card.

22. Can I start trading before the account is verified?

No. You can only make deposit before your accout is verified. Account verification procedure is very vital and should be addressed to immediately after deposit.


Roger Bacon

I must say this platform is indeed amazing. it was a glimpse at first but today i can account for a real trade when it comes to trading on Essexglobalexchange

Gary James

I have been a full member of Essexglobalexchange for just 2 months and i can confidently testified that it has redefined my approach to trading. it is simple, support is always available and risk is minimal. Thank you Essexglobalexchange for an amazing experience

Randy Potts

After years of trial and error, few wins and many losses on various platforms. I have finally found the platform that make trading simple and reduces the risk involved.

Damian Lester Lambert

I no longer have to worry about sustaining my trades because with Essexglobalexchange - all i do is sit back and stakes. Trusted and legit!

Tyler Morgan

i've always loved to invest but with a verified trading system. This platform gave me an opportunity to invest not just with less stress but with a high profit rates. Thanks